Holding Dangerous Nursing Homes Accountable


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We have multiple attorneys, from multiple states, who focus on nursing home cases. We know the federal and state regulations that set the rules for nursing homes. We know the companies that run these nursing homes to maximize profit—at the expense of patients. We know how to prove nursing home negligence at trial.

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Let us tell your story

Every life is different. Every family is different. Just because someone is in a nursing home does not mean their story was ready to end. or that it ended the way it was meant to. We spend the time with clients to learn their story, so we can tell that story: to nursing home lawyers, insurance companies, and juries.

National Practice

We are a national practice, accepting cases in every state. We offer free consultations.

Welcome to the Tosh Law Firm

As nursing homes are gobbled up by profiteering national corporations, we saw the need to provide representation able to stand up to them across the country.  

Our mission is to provide regular folks with the legal resources to hold careless nursing homes accountable. 

What Will a Nursing Home Lawsuit Cost Me?

We advance the costs of litigation, and are only paid out of a recovery.  This "contingency fee" representation means it costs you nothing--from investigation through trial--unless we're successful obtaining compensation for you. All costs and expenses of the case are advanced by our office and are reimbursed only when a successful result is obtained.  

How Do I Get Started? 

We charge no fee to consult with a potential client so contact us online or call us at 877-460-0248 to set up a free consultation.

If we believe your case has merit, we will investigate and report back to you on whether we find evidence of negligence.  We will make sure you understand the process to move forward, whether that is to negotiation, filing a lawsuit, or going to trial. 

We Get Paid When You Do

We handle all nursing home cases on a contingency basis. This means we get paid when you get paid. You will not be charged an hourly fee and you will not be asked to advance litigation costs. This allows our clients to pursue nursing home claims without worrying about the financial burden that typically accompanies complex litigation.