Referring Attorneys

Many cases we handle at the Tosh Law Firm are referred to us by other attorneys. If your client has a nursing home abuse and neglect or medical malpractice litigation matter which falls outside the scope of your practice, we welcome the opportunity to work together to achieve a just result. Although we are based in Dallas, we frequently represent clients throughout Texas.

Our goal is to achieve consistently excellent results while maintaining the highest levels of integrity at every stage of the litigation process.

We are committed to making the referral experience a smooth, positive, and beneficial one for everyone involved. Upon accepting a referral, we will enter into a contract with both you and the client establishing the distribution of fees, so that all parties are informed and protected. Our referral fees are generous, and our procedures are structured in full accordance with the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct.

When it comes to your degree of involvement in a case you refer, we are extremely flexible. Some referring attorneys prefer a very hands-on level of participation. Others want to be present and involved only at a few critical points in the process. The extent to which you participate is entirely up to you. We are open to most any arrangement and will be happy to accommodate your desired level of involvement.

If you would like to discuss the details of a case you are considering referring, or if you want to learn more about our referral fee structure, please contact us at 817-946-3263.