When heavy damage is sustained to the spinal cord, neck or other area of the nervous system, it can result in paralysis. There two main types of paralysis. Paraplegia is paralysis in the lower parts of the body, usually resulting from lower spinal cord injury. And quadriplegia which is paralysis occurring in all four limbs.

Severe nerve injuries are usually the result of an external injury, such as a car accident, but improper treatment by the doctor or hospital after such an external injury can cause a reversible spinal cord injury to become irreversible and permanent. Other spinal cord injuries can occur as a result of a lack of oxygen during an unrelated surgical procedure or as a result of direct pressure on the spinal cord from a blood clot. The key to any spinal cord or nerve injury is prompt diagnosis and treatment to reverse the effects of paralysis and/or to prevent the further spread of injury which can affect more parts of the body.

Anyone faced with paralysis on a personal level or in one's family has a tough road ahead of them. It is even more difficult to face the fact that the medical malpractice that caused the paralysis should have been prevented. Our firm has the legal experience needed in all paralysis injury cases. It is extremely important in any such case that the individual receives the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Paralysis affects every aspect of life, from the extensive medical care that may be necessary for the rest of the individual’s life, to the career choices that individual will have to make.

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